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Applied Behavioral Analysis Uses
ABA can be used to teach various skills and positive behaviors, including functional living skills, language, reading, social skills, positive peer support, academic engagement, and more.

EIA setting for ABA treatments
Educational Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders (EIA) provides ABA treatments in the school and at home.

Communication Treatments in Children with Autism
There are treatments that can help children communicate such as the Picture Exchange Communication system (PECS).

Techniques To Lessen Physical Resistance In Children With Autism
Proper use of techniques such as video modeling and telling social stories can help in lessening resistance to physical contact such as grooming.

Application of Applied Behavioral Analysis by an ABA Therapist.
An ABA therapist applies Applied Behavior Analysis in treating children with autism or teaches others how to apply these principles.

Recommended method of treating Autism
Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the recommended methods of treating Autism Spectrum Disorders.

showing 1 to 6 of 77 records