Managing Autism Journey - Diagnosis

Special Learning's Managing Autism Journey provides a comprehensive guide for every parent of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It provides numerous articles, checklists, videos, databases and computer apps that will help families manage life with a special needs child. From diagnosis to long-lasting coordination plans, Managing Autism Journey provides the most accurate and fact-based resources translated in a way that is easy to understand and relates to what parents of diagnosed children are realistically going through every day.

The Managing Autism Journey is composed of three stages:

Diagnosis - Funding - Treatment

Diagnosis is the first stage of the Managing Autism Journey, which will guide you and your entire family from the first day of diagnosis to the everyday life of taking care of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Our resources are grouped in a step-by-step order to make it easier for you to follow no matter where you child falls within the stages presented:

Step 1 - Signs of Autism
Whether you just want to make sure that your child is reaching his developmental milestones normally or already have seen some of early signs of autism, Managing Autism Journey's Diagnosis stage is full of resources that will provide vital information for earliest possible detection.

Step 2 - Finding a Diagnostic Administrator
The second step after seeing signs of autism in your child is to prepare for a proper diagnosis. At Special Learning you will find a number of articles, checklists and databases to provide you with information on who, what, where and why; regarding the key people to administer the proper diagnosis of your child.

Step 3 - The Testing Process
Know why and how tests are administered during the diagnosis phase of your child's disorder.

Step 4 - Obtaining a Diagnosis
There are numerous resources that will help you prepare for what to expect during the diagnosis phase.

Step 5 - Beginning a Life with Autism
A number of articles will guide you and your family on how to cope with your child's autism. Learn to live a happy and fulfilling life despite the diagnosis.