Are you wondering if your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Early diagnosis a9nd intervention are keys to providing best outcomes. But often, diagnosis is not made until later, which may lead to detrimental results. Special Learning's Early Autism Screening Checklist is a simple, FREE tool that you can use the moment you suspect that your child may have Autism. Upon completing the simple 35-item checklist, you will receive a basic interpretation and recommendations report.

This tool can also be used to rule out an ASD diagnosis.

To obtain additional information and detailed interpretation of the report, sign-up for our Screening and Assessment Consultation Service.

SL's Autism Screening & Assessment Consultation Serviceincludes:
  • Thorough assessment based upon specific symptoms exhibited by your child;
  • Ability to ask questions and receive informed answers from experienced BCBA's;
  • Customized 2 to 3 page written report to help you begin informed discussions with your physician about your concerns;
  • Ability to discuss post-physician visit results with a behavior therapist for 30-days;
  • Cost: $199.00

Don't hesitate. If your child does have ASD, the earlier you begin treatment the better the outcome.

With early and proper intervention, you are putting your child on a path to leading a happy, fulfilling and independent life.

Screening Tools Used During A Developmental-Behavioral Screening

Proper use of screening and assessment tools is a critical component of obtaining an early diagnosis for children with ASD.

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Autism Spectrum Developmental Professionals

Autism is a highly specialized area. Specialists trained in dealing with diagnosis and treatment includes Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians, Child Neurologists and Child Psychiatrists or Psychologists.

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