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Susie (Amanda's Mom)
Expert Name: Susie (Amanda's Mom)
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Company Name:  Case Study #1
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Short Bio: Married woman for 10 years.
Loving mother to 3 children who are all diagnosed with Autism.

Amanda’s Journey to Recovery (Susie's Diary) Blog #9

Wow what an amazing year Amanda has accomplished! She has made leaps and  bounds that I never would have expected. She went from being pretty non verbal to talking my ear off everyday. First it started with labeling things or asking for what she wanted at the time. Now she has moved on to whenever give her something she says thank you mom or I love you mom. Words I never dreamed of hearing. I also have a 10 and 7 year old with autism and she is only 2 and she is starting to run circles around them following their every move it is quite clear to me the difference between her and the boys. This early intervention they talk about truly is key. She started at 20 months and has just exploded in every area. She imitates everything and everyone good and bad. She used to only have a couple comfort people who she would interact with like mom and dad her therapist now she goes up to everyone and says hi looks them in the eye you wouldn't even know she had autism most days.

We went to view preschools one day and she went up to a group of typical kids and said hi guys what are you doing? I was worried how she would interact with kids she didn't know but she was talking and playing more than they were. She is 2 and can say 100 words at least, can count to 20, knows her alphabet, colors, shapes I mean I don't want to brag but this girl is amazing. We are trying to find the right preschool for her and hoping we can find a typical class but bring her aide with her just in case she needs a little extra help. I never would have expected she would even be in a typical peer class but she is flying high each day she does something new and her dad and I laugh constantly at her adorable sense of humor.

In February her aide is taking a few months off for school and originally I was worried how she was going to do with someone new but now I am thinking she is going to do just fine. Whenever the boys therapists come over in the evening she is right in the middle of their therapy trying to play and win the therapists over with her loving ways. She has worked all day long all week long and is still trying to learn what they are doing. She really is like a little sponge soaking it all in. She has had some typical play dates which have gone really well she usually seems more outgoing than the typical peers are she wants to follow them around and do every little move and say whatever they are saying.

I have learned a lot over the years having three kids with autism but truly if I could say one thing that would have any impact it's that the services need to begin as early as possible and they need to be funded parents shouldn't have to go through the hoops and move across the country just to obtain them. These kids are worth the money and time and it has truly made such a difference in her life to where she may only need a few years of services as opposed to my boys who hardly got anything and will more than likely need a lifetime of care. This little girl has completely exceeded my expectations and I am so happy with the outcome and the growth I have seen with my very own eyes.