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Susie (Amanda's Mom)
Expert Name: Susie (Amanda's Mom)
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Company Name:  Case Study #1
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Short Bio: Married woman for 10 years.
Loving mother to 3 children who are all diagnosed with Autism.

Amanda’s Journey to Recovery (Susie's Diary) Blog #7

Wow what an amazing few weeks all my kids have had especially Amanda. She is imitating everything right now. If I am cleaning up the house she is following me around with her little broom and dustpan sweeping up right behind me. If I have a paper towel she has one wiping down the table or anything she can wipe down following me. If I am reading her a book she has a book too and is making a ton of sounds making it seem like she is reading it all herself. She turns 2 at the end of the week and I am just so proud of how far she has come since she started therapy just 4 months ago. Not only has she learned so many skills she is just a different person almost a little social butterfly with the people she knows and even some people she doesn’t know. Whenever my boys therapists come over she even wins them over going over to play and interact with them. She is full of laughter these days so much fun and so much potential to grow and reach for the stars.
The boys are still making some great progress too. It has been an adjustment in the household having therapists here from 8am-7pm most days but I have to say even though it’s tough it has been worth it. We are so lucky to have these services finally. We have also met some incredible people along our way too.
Another thing was our therapist brought her son over a few times to play with Amanda. She really enjoyed him being here and doing peer play together. It was great to see her play with a typical peer and him model behavior and play skills for her. Sometimes she even responded very well when he would ask her to do things and she would giggle with him. I have been given a lot of hope seeing the progress all the kids are making which for me is huge I finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Looking forward to all the weeks ahead and what more we can accomplish. The sky is the limit.