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Susie (Amanda's Mom)
Expert Name: Susie (Amanda's Mom)
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Short Bio: Married woman for 10 years.
Loving mother to 3 children who are all diagnosed with Autism.

Amanda’s Journey to Recovery (Susie's Diary) Blog #2

Wow what a few weeks has accomplished!

My 20 month old who has been doing home therapy for 3 weeks is doing amazing! I am so proud of her! I feel like with her doing everything at home I can really see her progress and I am thrilled. She has really taken to her therapist who truly is a blessing to our family already. There was a time when she would only sit in my lap or my husbands and anytime anyone else came near her she would scream bloody murder until we picked her back up. Definitely didn't give me time to do anything let alone go to the bathroom or take a shower in peace. Now as soon as she sees her therapist she smiles and goes right over to her to play and she is working so hard but at the same time her therapist is so fun she just thinks she is playing. I am estatic at her progress already I can only imagine how much further we can go.

My older sons are doing well in school too I am excited they transitioned to the new place rather quickly. My next step is to get over there and observe them and see how they are doing I feel like I am missing so much since it isn't at home but I know they are doing well there. It's so great that things are working out for a change in our lives.

I think one of the hardest things about having kids with autism is letting go of the perception of what you pictured your children doing when they got older. It's very hard still for me to be around typical kids especially kids around the same ago who are soaring at just the smallest things parents take for granted. Or they are telling their kids to stop talking so much when I am sitting here wishing to hear a word. Or seeing how many friends they have and wondering how my children will be accepted. I know one thing even though I am pushing them as far as they can go I do accept them for who they are and wouldn't change them. I know even though sometimes life doesn't seem fair I am blessed to have 3 healthy and happy kids what more can I ask for right now?