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Susie (Amanda's Mom)
Expert Name: Susie (Amanda's Mom)
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Company Name:  Case Study #1
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Short Bio: Married woman for 10 years.
Loving mother to 3 children who are all diagnosed with Autism.

Amanda’s Journey to Recovery (Susie's Diary) Blog #1

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Susie and I have been married to my husband Andy for the past ten years. We have three beautiful children Kyle 9, Scott 6 and Amanda 20 months. One thing that separates us from a lot of families is that all of our kids have autism. Our lives are very challenging on a day to day basis. I thought the latest diagnosis would be easier because I knew it was coming and knew what to expect but sometimes I am not sure maybe it was the hardest too. This is our last child and I worry all the time what is going to happen to my kids when I am no longer around. It is hard to take all 3 kids places even to family members houses. Even though some of them are supportive they really just don't get what it is like to live the life that we live unless you go through it. Other family members have not been as supportive and have favored some of the typical grandchildren which makes me angry and sad. My kids are wonderful kids too you just have to get to know them and be on their level then they will open up and show you how loving they are if you make the effort.

Several years ago when we just had Kyle and Scott we were so upset with the school system and therapy we were receiving we sold our house and moved away from  everything we have ever known to Los Angeles California. The services were amazing and we loved it there but eventually got homesick and moved back. I thought it would be better to be surrounded by family but when I got home I soon regretted it when the servives we were getting here in Ohio returned and family wasn't as involved as I thought they would be.

After going through many failing therapy sessions and having our youngest daughter Amanda diagnosed at 18 months we knew this just wasn't cutting it. We were debating on rather to move back or what to do. Then a friend of ours told us about a place her son was doing ABA therapy and we went to view the program and liked it very much. Only problem was it was almost an hour away so we were thinking about moving closer to it when one day we got a phone call and were told they were opening up a location in our area. How thrilling was this that everything was maybe for once in our lives working out. So tired of fighting for services and then not being able to afford them if you did find them. So Kyle and Scott just started at the new school and Amanda at 20 months is getting 40 hours of home based ABA services. I am so excited to see her progressing already it's only her second week but she loves her therapist and so far they are working great together. I can't believe I can finally have a minute to myself too. I am trying to keep track of all of their progress and all of the challenges we face there are so many of them but I am trying to stay positive and hoping that for once this is what we are meant to be doing. I am keeping my fingers crossed! They are such great kids and I love them with all of my heart just wish the world was more accepting!