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Special Learning Needs Based Pricing

Pay What You Can Afford

Special Learning today announced their “Needs Based Program” as demonstration of their ongoing commitment to making their exceptional portfolio of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) learning resources accessible to any person in the world with a need but not the resources to benefit from learning about this life-changing intervention. Tens of millions of individuals on the autism spectrum still lack sufficient means, including financial, to access the only evidence-based therapy proven to allow 47% of children on the autism spectrum to mainstream. The most effective way to bring this critical, life-changing autism intervention to more individuals with autism is to make the training and education materials affordable to more people worldwide.

Special Learning’s digital autism education solutions provide family members, teachers, and others with an internet connection access to ABA teaching methods to help those with autism live more productive and fulfilling lives. Their newly launched ABA Online Training Course is already reaching thousands of people who provide education and therapy to people with autism in over 100 countries. Over 100 students of their ABA Online Training Course have reported that the program has made significant positive contribution to their lives. Many individuals with autism who could similarly benefit from these resources, however, still do not have access owing to affordability challenges.

Special Learning’s Needs Based pricing is part of their commitment to ensuring everyone has affordable access to the world’s most popular and comprehensive ABA learning resources. Needs-based pricing is a highly innovative to augment their scholarship program which employs equitable pricing that is sensitive to an individual’s income level, country of origin, socio-economic factors and individual financial circumstances. As Special Learning expands globally, using a combination of scholarships, Needs Based Pricing, and a local country pricing strategy, they allows every person in the world with a need with ready access to ABA to create a global, sustainable autism learning solution.

If your child with autism could benefit from our ABA training materials and you are suffering financial difficulties, you can apply for Special Learning’s Needs Based “pay-what-you-can-afford” program.

Contact us at in order to get more details on how to qualify.

This program is funded in part by the Special Learning’s Scholarship Fund established by Special Learning. If you would like to make a contribution, please .

The needs based pricing program is part of Special Learning’s corporate social responsibility commitment to promote cultural diversity, ethical business and economic equality.