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ABA Literature Summary Issue 2 - Eating

Comprehensive skills assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system

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ABA Literature Summary

Special Learning's ABA Literature Summary is a monthly issued newsletter covering various topics that are helpful and informative to BCBAs, educators and even parents who prefer advanced reading about topics on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and autism spectrum disorder. Each article summary is well researched from credible sources and written by licensed BCBAs and other industry experts. It contains the latest facts and updates about different subject matters of interest.

In addition to receiving crucial and up to date information about ABA and ASD conveniently in your inbox, by subscribing to Special Learning's ABA Research Article Summary you will also be eligible for continuing education units.

Upon the completion of reading each literature summary and submitting the accompanying quiz, participants are eligible for 1 CE credit per summary. CE Credits are available for an additional $10/per credit hour fee for: BCBA and BCaBA (Type II)

ABA Literature Summary Annual Subscription

By signing up for Special Learning's Annual Subscription of the ABA Literature Summary, you will receive 12 issues delivered conveniently through your eMail inbox every month. Receive timely, crucial and up-to-date information about advancements in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) without having to spend hours of valuable time sifting through dozens of articles.

Purchase an annual subscription for only $99.00. Savings of 17% if purchased individually.

Self Care in Practice (Jul 10, 2018)

This issue has been written to provide an overview of how various teaching tools such as social stories, Video Modeling and Video Prompting and active student responding can assist children with autism in developing communication skills and socially appropriate behavior that will allow them to integrate more successfully into the community.

Building Language for Early Learners Bundle

To participate fully in all areas of life, adolescents and adults with autism need to be included in social settings. The opportunity to enhance and hone their skills will serve them well as they search for employment, dating partners, and life partners.

Supervision Webinar Bundle

Preference assessments are used to identify the preferences of individuals with disabilities, which are then used as reinforcers of behavior. This literature summary reviews the major preference assessment formats and methodologies and their effectiveness on behavioral interventions.

RBT Virtual Competency Assessment and Supervision Bundle

This review of the literature surveys the effectiveness of a wide range of services and programs providing support in educational, vocational and social environments for people with autism in transition.

Planning for Transition: Middle School to High School with Dr. Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D

Severe emotional disturbance (SED) is challenging for families who have a loved one struggling with emotional & behavioral problems. This issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary discusses Supports for Families of Children/Adolescents With SED, General Interventions for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and School-based Interventions.

Toilet Training 101: How to Get Started

Mobile technology offers solutions by enabling those with cognitive and physical challenges to expand their communication abilities and reach. This issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary discusses Mobile Technology & Communication, Mobile Technology & Employment for Individuals with Disabilities & Mobile Technology & Video.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: Social Worker Autism Training Library

It is natural for a caretaker to experience stress when children are uncooperative. This ABA Literature Summary issue presents studies that explore the effectiveness of various coping and support strategies under the themes of Coping, Social Supports and Support Groups, Positive Behavior Supports, and Strengths-based Approaches.

BCBA Supervision

Learn how children with autism and other disabilities benefit from using technology - computers, audio-visual equipment, mobile technology, the internet, the list goes on - as a tool for learning.

A vast amount of literature on general bullying is available, however, not as much literature on dealing with bullying of students with special needs can be found. Special Learning’s December ABA Literature Summary issue deals with this concern. It contains vital information about Bullying, Bullying Interventions and Bullying and Inclusion in Special Education.

Pahinga Kwento ng Pakikipagkapwa (Asking for a Break Social Story Curriculum)

One of the most intrusive symptoms in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is sensory processing difficulty. Special Learning’s November ABA Literature Summary issue contains vital information about Sensory Processing Difficulties, Sensory Assessments for Individuals with Autism and Sensory-Based Interventions for Individuals with Autism.

Kumusta Kwento ng Pakikipagkapwa (Saying Hi Social Story Curriculum)

Learn more about Co-Morbidity Rates and Types in Individuals with Autism, Specific Co-Morbid Psychiatric and Sensory Conditions in Individuals with Autism, Co-Morbid ADHD in Individuals with Autism and Co-Morbidity in Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome in this issue.

Elementary School Age Social Skills- ABA Literature Summary

In this issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary, we talk about the topicof Behavior for individuals on the Autism spectrum. Learn more about General Interventions, Assessing Challenging Behavior and Interventions for SIB.

Teachers Surviving Inclusion Programs- Autism Educator Teaching Series

In this issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary, we talk about the topic of Social Skills for individuals on the autism spectrum disorder. Learn more about general information about social skills, video modeling, school readiness and written and visual techniques in improving social skills.

Being a Responsive Teacher in the Inclusive Classroom: Addressing Children With Special Education Needs

ABA Literature Summary "Eating Issues" contains vital information about the different eating difficulties that are commonly seen in people diagnosed with Autism. Learn more about Assessment and Intervention for Food Selectivity and Refusal, Caregiver Interventions for Food Selectivity, Eating Difficulties Comparison Studies, PICA and Rumination.

Coping and Support Strategies for Families with Children with Autism- ABA Literature Summary

The ABA Literature Summary “Manding” talks about the different ways to perform "Mands" or requests and successfully implement them in ABA therapy sessions. Learn about Joint Attention, Establishing Operation For Mands, Mands Emergence and Manding Using PECS or Picture Exchange Communication System.

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