Saving On Autism Treatments

Having a child that is diagnosed with autism can be emotionally and financially draining for the family. It is a good idea to seek alternatives and be proactive in searching for the right treatments at reasonable costs. Remember that treatment plans for children with autism are usually long term and for some, may even be a life-long need. Here are some ways that you may save without sacrificing neither the quality nor the frequency of interventions you may do with your child.

Train to be an ABA Therapist.

One of the biggest expenses in having a child with autism is the cost of therapies. As ABA is the most used and proven to be very effective, you may want to consider training to be your child’s therapist. You will literally save thousands of dollars by conducting your child’s ABA therapy yourself. You may also use other approaches such as Floortime or RDI, which requires very little training for parents. Special Learning has resources you may use to learn how to conduct therapies with your child.

Use toys and other tools that you can use at home.

Special Learning has several effective tools you may use with your child at home. These are parent friendly products that you will have no problem using, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Search for a good – but affordable – therapist.

The key is to look around first before settling on the therapist that you will choose for your child. Find one that fits your budget as well as the skill set that you need. If you have another skill such as plumbing, cooking etc., you may be able to offer an exchange of services to offset part of the cost.

Look into your insurance options.

It pays a lot to sit down with your insurance representative and look at which therapies are included in your plan. It also pays to know how to negotiate with an insurance provider, so you may want to find an advocate with experience in settling medical and disability claims, particularly in autism cases.

Learn as much as you can about autism.

Knowing all that you can about your child’s condition will be beneficial for you and your child. You will be able to learn techniques or therapies that can be done by you, instead of outsourcing all the time for all the needs of your child. Special Learning has a wide collection of resources that will be very helpful for you, in dealing with a loved one who is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

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