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 Helen Irlen discovered the Irlen Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity. It affects 50% of the population with autism. Irlen lenses use color as a technique to eradicate perceptual distortions. Your child may use Irlen lenses or filters to reduce perceptual difficulties and sensitivity to colors, light and patterns.


A child with autism may have many sensory problems. One area of sensitivity can affect other areas. Similarly, improving one area may improve your child’s skills in other areas. When your child can see things comfortably, it may help your child to easily assimilate sounds and other sensory stimulus. Determining if your child has visual perception difficulties isn’t always easy. You and other family members might notice that your child is having difficulty with visual perception, but only if you are watching carefully for it. Perceptual difficulties are a hereditary problem in most cases. You and your family members should list any problems that you have been experiencing. This may be difficult as you or your family members may not even be aware that a sensory problem exists.


The Irlen method identifies the wavelengths of light that causes problem to your child. A special diagnostic process is used to determine the particular colors of the light spectrum that needs to be filtered.  Every child’s requirement is different so Your child will wear glasses with those colors that are appropriate for him or her. Selecting the correct color for your child is very important as a wrong colored filter may cause strain and add to the perceptual difficulties.  


There are many improvements that might be noticed after using Irlen lenses. The improvement will depend on the sensory problem of your child.

        Your child may improve the abilities to walk up and down the stairs. Coordination between the eyes and hands is better.

        Your child may be able to perceive a three-dimensional world and perceive distance properly.

        Anxiety might be reduced and your child may stop experiencing some symptoms like headaches and dizziness.

        Social interaction skills could be enhanced as your child will be able to see clearly and understand emotions.

        Your child’s ability to hear voices and sounds may increase.

        Your child’s listening, communicating and non-verbal skills could improve.

        Your child may improve in academic skills and be more accurate in reading and math


Irlen lenses may be required throughout your child’s life span. The sensory problems may persist if your child stops wearing them. Every year your child should be re-evaluated to find out whether the color is still effective, or if the color requires change. Over time the colors will usually change to some degree.

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