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Breaking Communication Barriers in Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), more commonly known as Autism, is a developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people. Individuals with Autism often have trouble interacting with people and are often withdrawn from their environment. While the severity of the condition is unique to each individual, communication barriers tend to be common amongst all who are diagnosed.

With the birth of mobile technology devices and apps for special needs education, teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities has become easier. Special Learning’s My First Voice app for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire was designed as a tool to break down communication barriers between parents, providers and their children. This educational app is used to support parents and providers in helping children diagnosed with autism and other language disabilities communicate effectively.

My First Voice is an easy and fun way to teach children with autism. The app uses actual photographs of colorful and attractive everyday things that a child sees such as food, drinks, clothing and toys. My First Voice will allow a child to easily communicate his/her basic wants and needs while learning and having fun!

This app for special needs also contains photographs depicting basic emotions so that a child will be able to express their feelings. Easy, functional communication is an essential function of this app and the home row of icons adds to this ease. My First Voice finally gives children with special needs the “voice” to express themselves!

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