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Teaching Children with Autism: Benefits of Integrating Technology into Education

Typically developing children tend to be naturally social and desire social interaction with others. Children with Autism often seem withdrawn, may display unusual behaviors and have trouble communicating effectively within social situations. It is very common for children affected by Autism to not use functional speech at all.

Emerging research and practices have shown that using technology-based supports has been effective in targeting the main challenges for individuals with ASD – communication, socialization and motivation. These main challenges have a critical effect on the way individuals with ASD participate in home, school and community environments.

Mobile technology and its thousands of applications offer solutions that enable those that have cognitive challenges to expand their communication abilities and reach. Apps for special needs education, like Special Learning’s Expanding Language app, provides unique tools that enable children with disabilities communicate, learn and function more independently. Individuals with Autism and other disabilities can use Expanding Language to improve communication and increase their language capacity through innovative mobile communication devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Expanding Language lessens the barriers of functional communication for individuals with Autism and other language delays, but it also strengthens a child’s core vocabulary using meaningful everyday items from their environment. This augmentative communication app enhances the learning of academic skills in this population by reinforcing basic language through its robust library of real-life graphics, making it one of the best apps for building vocabulary.

What makes this one of the best Autism apps for language and communication is its highly intuitive and kid friendly interface and inherent customizable features, designed specifically for the use of children on the spectrum by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Individuals with Autism are visual learners; therefore, using applications like the Expanding Language app with vivid and bright photographs along with colorful and attractive themes, provides a fun learning platform and a voice for children struggling to communicate on their own.

Through the use of apps that teach children with Autism, language and communication are no longer remote possibilities for these children. Communication and learning are finally within grasp!



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