Special Learning has developed tools that will support parents and providers in helping children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to communicate effectively.

The iTouch/iPhone Communication App is filled with colorful and beautiful images of everyday things that a child sees. Adhering to the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), this Communication App will allow diagnosed children to be able to express themselves through pictures.

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The primary function of our tool is to help people with difficulties in verbal communication interact with others. To keep it very simple and functional for children, the App focuses on five main categories of food, drinks, clothing, toys and emotions. However, Special Learning's "Communicating Basic Needs" app has several crucially important differences from every other AAC on the market.

  • The App is very simple and fun to use. The interface was designed specifically for use of children with ASD. It offers very simple navigation and is colorful and intuitive, making it easy for children to learn and use without a lot of instructions.

  • The full version of the App comes pre-loaded with hundreds of real photographs of food, drinks, clothing and toys (not symbols or stick figures like many ACC's) plus an extensive assortment of pictures representing 9 emotions, including feeling happy, sad, sick, or tired. There are four common requests icons on top of each screen to allow children to easily and quickly communicate when they need help, need rest, feel sick, or need to use the bathroom.

  • The App contains three different photographs of every item in each of the five main categories to allow therapists to teach generalization skills to children that are ready to learn these skills.

  • Within the four categories of food, drinks, clothing and toys, parents and other caretakers can use the enable/disable function in our "Icon Library" to select only those images that are appropriate for their child. By minimizing any extraneous items, the App is always simple and easy to use for the child.
    • Through the "Settings" field in the "Admin" section, the app offers an abundance of customization features including:

    • Ability to select from four "Voice" options: girl, boy, man and woman;

      Ability to select from five "Themes" or backgrounds: default, aquatic, butterfly, creatures, and trucks;

      Ability to select from three "Picture Size" options: small, medium and large;

      Ability to "Randomize" image selection from a set (of three) or select fixed images for each item;

      Ability to choose "Word" or "Phrase" for emotions icons;

      Ability to enable or disable "Item Titles" which appear on top of each icon;

      How do you envision using technology to help your child function better in every aspect of their lives ?